Fuel Economy – Injection fueled engines

November 19, 2008

This is a collection of tips to drive further on the same amount of fuel. And it’s my article 🙂

The most important fuel economy tip that can be given is getting yourself a bicycle. On the other hand, you may not be fit for it and the distance that needs to be covered might be greater than 10km. Also, on a regular motorbike, you may not be too concerned about it, but BMWs are made for touring, not for doing stunts and making times. And if you’re in the middle of Africa, not knowing when the next gas opportunity may arise, you have to get into economy mode. This even applies to cages. 🙂

It is important to find a confortable speed that gives you the best fuel economy. For a car, that usually is between 80 and 100km/h. From what I’ve seen, a bike’s economy speed is closer to 80km/h than 100km/h, probably because of it’s poorer aerodynamics. So these are the tips:

– slow accelerations, quick changes of gears

– not very high revs

– coast in the highest gear, the bike will have 0.0% fuel consumption, unless you’re lower than 1500 rpm

– use engine braking as much as possible

– careful at useless consumers: heated grips or saddle on the summer, aux lights when not needed, GPS on a known road

– inflate the tires at their maximum pressure on road

– get rid of the useless items that you’re carrying (like, I don’t know… an annoying pillion? :D)

– loose some weight

– reduce the windshield height

– lower yourself on top of the fuel tank

Just try not to run your engine without any gas as it might damage the injectors. And for 1100 and 1150GS you’ve got another 3 liters in the tank if you’ve been running on a flat straight. Keep the bike on the right side (brake pedal) so that the remaining fuel in the left lobe passes to the fuel pump.


Image Copyright: unionleader.com