R1150 Timing Adjustment

November 15, 2008

I’ve found this very interesting timing adjustment tutorial. Might work on all oilheads, but I’m not sure for the moment (I’ll verify that). This might not be necesary for day to day use, unless your timing is way off, but if you plan on going to Africa or Siberia, apart from removing the catalyst, you could prepare your bike to take less than perfect gasoline without the risk of knocking.


Note: for non-USA bikes, there’s no need to disconnect the headlight.


Image Copyright: Crazy-Jokes.com


R 1100/1150 ABS Reset

November 15, 2008

Maybe your ABS doesn’t start in the morning. Or maybe you’ve just taken a spill and the least you want now, with all the adrenalin running through the vains, is not to trust yourself in the braking of your motorbike. But it’s a quick and easy way to restore your confidence. Use this to troubleshoot rather than find the solution as the ABS not working (and flashing it’s annoying lights) may come from other problems, like an old battery or different-from-the-book ABS sensor gap.

What happens:

– dashboard flashes alternatively the ABS lights when running

– wheel locks under heavy braking (try the back wheel so you don’t crash)

When happens:

– when taking a spill

The ABS resetting procedure can be found here:



Image Copyright: howstuffworks.com

Oilhead Fork Replacement

November 14, 2008

So you smashed another fork seal… Not a problem. Just try not to do so much wheelies or trail riding behind another motobike. Oh, and it doesn’t affect the damping as all suspension is carried out by the shock, it’s only used to lubricate. Make sure the oil doesn’t get on the brakes.

What happens:

– one of the forks leak

When happens:

– riding a dusty forrest road; it’s exacerbated if you’re not the first rider in the pack, but, obviously, a Bimmer is always the first ( 😀 )

– doing wheelies

– running bad tarmac roads for long periods of time

So there’s the tutorial:



Image Copyright: BMW

R259 Hall Sensor

November 14, 2008

Since that was my original problem was this one, I seems obvious to start with it. And it’s a fairly common one for this engine

What happenes:

– bike stalls for no reason, either at idle or at speed, like hitting the kill switch; rear wheel still turns

– difficult starting

– no spark and no fuel pressure

– tacho might bounce

– bike generally restarts if dry and left to cool for a few hours

– bike seems to run on only one cylinder up to about 4000rpm, has hick-ups

When happenes:

– bike is hot, either because of traffic or very high ambient temperature

– bike is wet, either freshly cleaned by means of water hose or rain

The procedure to get you out of this mess can be found here:



Image Copyright: ebbo.org

So hello BWM riders

November 14, 2008

What’s this about, huh? A BMW tips and tricks blog? I thought those Bavarian masterpieces never break down.

Well, not quite so. Bikes always break down. Whether they are European, Japanese, American or Chinese. And most of the time this happens in the rain, at night and too far away to push it home. If you’re a mechanic, you know how to fix it blindfolded. But not if you’re average Joe who likes riding he’s bike in the mountains and other than changing the oil, you have never done anything more. This is for you, average Joe.

I’ve started this blog because my ’97 R11GS broke down in the rain. In the pouring rain, actually. For the past 3 weeks I’ve searched “hi&lo” for the solution to my problem. But… I’ve searched. A lot. Information is quite scattered across the internet. I want this blog to be some kind of agregator for information. It will be done by me searching the net for resources and posting a teaser and a link. You can also tip me over for new information or create your own articles. But, in the end, hopefully, you will be able to acces the blog, type in your motorcycle and get full information on your problem. Does it start badly when cold? You can find it here. Did it stopped in the middle of the road? Get a net connection and this blog will direct you to someone who had your problem before. You don’t know how to unscrew that bloody starter? Well, neither do I, but some wrencher got it right once and post it on the net.

So get out and ride the hell out of your teutonic bike. Make your miles. See the world. Explore. Taste. Get mad. Be friendly. Love. Give the ADV salute. Just don’t sit in your car at stop lights devouring some hamburger only because you can’t find your solution. I’ve been there. To hell and back.

Vintage Motorcycle PhotographsImage Copyright: http://www.khulsey.com

Just remember. I’m no mechanic, I have no background in web developping and English is not my native language 🙂

PS: This is NOT a commercial web page. It’s hosted for free and it will remain that way. I’m doing this in my spare time only because I want to. Feel free to share the tips you have at lucian[dot]cretu[at]prosport[dot]ro.